2010 in Galveston and Cruise

Before the convention we went on a cruise to Mexico.

Sam McGowan and Tom Stalvey

Steve and Linda Privette

Mike Welch, Tom Stalvey, Al Clime, Stoney Burk

Ruth Elmer, Mary Bowman, Ace Bowman, Jim Elmer

Our Bounteous Buffett!

Dean Robnett

Dennis Ybarra standing. Dennis passed away the following May

Ken Abbott, Ken's girlfriend, Ace Bowman, Mary Bowman, Ruth Elmer, Jm Elmer, Bobby Gassiott, Doris Gassiott

Bobby and Ace telling us about Mule Train and SawbuckII

Herk at Ellington Field Wings over Houston

C-17 and C-47

Ole 27 makes a pass - Ole 27 was configured as a transport

World-famous USAF Thunderbirds!

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