Officers and Board Members


Chairman of the Board - Ricky Davidson (2019 - 2021) Email
Ricky Davidson is a retired USAF Reserve Officer. His assignments after Flight Training in 1959 were to C-119s at Dreux AB, France; to the 39th Troop Carrier Squadron in C-130s at Evreux AB, France; and to C-130s at Sewart AFB, Tennessee. After 6 1/2 years he left active duty for a 30 year career with United Air Lines. He served another 20 years in the Air Force Reserves flying C-124s at McClelland AFB, California and March AFB, California, and then C-141s at McChord AFB, Washington. His final assignments were in the Airlift Center in the Pentagon and as an Air Force Liaison Officer in the Federal Emergency Management Administration. One of his more interesting assignments was as a jump qualified pilot to the initial Joint Army/ Air Force HALO (High Altitude/ Low Opening) Project that concluded with several world records. Ricky lives in Colorado Springs, CO.

Vice-Chairman - Ken McAlear (2019 - 2021) Email
Ken McAlear is a retired Air Force pilot.  He started his flying career with the 345th TAS at Ching Chaun Kang AB from 1969 to 1971 after training at Sewart AFB.  He served with the following additional airlift squadrons:  16 TATS, 50 TAS and 61 TAS in the 314 TAW at Little Rock AFB , and the 772 TAS, 773 TAS, and the 774 TAS in the 463 TAW at Dyess AFB.  He was one of the founding officers of the first local chapter of the Airlift Association.  He lives in Lake Lure, NC.

President - Bill Kehler (2019 - 2021) Email
Bill Kehler is a retired USAF pilot who started out in troop carrier at Pope AFB, NC in the early 1960s with the 778th TCS.
His career carried him into AC-130 gunships and back into combat airlift. He retired at Little Rock and now lives in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Vice-Prsident (Interim) and Secretary  - Brent Richburg (2020 - 2022)  Email
Brent is a retired loadmaster now living in the Dayton, Ohio area.  He has served with the 41st TAS, AMCTES, 3rd APS, 14 AS, 17 AS, 21 AS, and 75th AS.

and Founder - Ralph Bemis (2019 - 2021) Email
Ralph Bemis is a retired USAF loadmaster. He served with the 347th Troop Carrier Squadron and the 29th, 50th, 61st and 62nd Tactical Airlift Squadrons. Ralph was a member of a C-130E crew that was shot down during the siege of An Loc and was immediately rescued. He holds the Silver Star. He lives in Kerrville, Texas.

Board Members

Chairman of the Board Emeritus - George Dockery (2017 - 2020) Email
George Dockery is a retired USAF pilot whose troop carrier experience dates back to the late 1950s. He is heavily involved in airlift-related organizations, including the Airlift/Tanker Association of which he is an original member. George lives in Centennial, Colorado

Board Member - Freddie Rodriguez (2020 - 2022) Email
Freddie is an Air Force reservist, now living in Sugar Land, Texas.  He served with the following units:  992nd TCG, 433rd TAW.

Board Member - Jim Esbeck  (2019 - 2021) Email
Jim is a retired USAF maintenance technician. He served with the 463rd Organizational Maintenance Squadron at Langley and the 51st Fighter Interceptor wing (attached to the 35th TCS) at Naha AB, Okinawa. He lives in Tucson, Arizona.

Board Membe - Alex Walter (2019 - 2021) Email
Alex is a retired loadmaster who served on C-141B aircraft at McChord and McGuire and on MC-130H aircraft at Mildenhall. He now lives at Fredericksburg, VA.

Board Member - Andy Vaquera (2019 - 2021) Email
Andy is a retired USAF loadmaster. He served with the 8th Aerial Port Squadron and the 433rd Tactical Airlift Wing. He lives in San Antonio.

Board Member - 
Bill Goodall (2020 - 2022) Email
Bill was born at Cherry Point Marine Base, Lived in Columbus Ohio, and Cambridge Ohio. USAF veteran from December 1966-December 1970. Viet Nam 1967.Aircraft Electrical on C-130 ’s and crew on C-130’s with 21st TAS E flight out of Naha AB. He has 2 children, David and Jeni. They each have 2 children. Currently married since July 1991 to Lindee Goodall. They have had their own business since 1994. Moved from Cincinnati Ohio to Tucson in 1998 and continue to work with their business LindeeG Embroidery. Now an online business in the sewing and embroidery and sewing education market. Bill is a Life member of the AFA and TCTAA and is active with the Air Force Association in Arizona and at Davis-Monthan AFB.

Board Member - O. Thomas Hansen (2019 - 2021) Email
O. Thomas Hansen flew C-130s with the 29th ATS at McGuire, then was with the 36th (squadron commander), 38th and 776th TAS.  He served as a board member with the Air Force Association and has been in leadership positions with numerous military/veterans organizations.   He lives in Stellacoom, Washington.

Alternate Board Members

Alternate Board Member (Interim) - Michael Vaquera (2019 - 2021)  Email

Retired from the USAF Reserves after 33 years of service was assigned to 404th Combat Logistics Support Squadron as a C-130 T-56 engine mechanic then transferred to the 433rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron as a C-5 Airplane General (APG) mechanic and served as a “flying crew chief” from 2003-2007 in support of the Global War on Terror-Operations Enduring & Iraqi Freedom.

Alternate Board Member - Walter Dudow (2020 - 2022)  Email

Walt is a retired USAF Maintenance Technician / Crew Chief. He served with the 1613 OMS, McGuire NJ. 51st OMS and the 21st TCS/TAS, Naha Okinawa, 1966 thu 1967, then the 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing and the 374th OMS form 1969 thru 1971,  37 TAL SQ, Langley VA from 1967 thu 1969, then 316 OMS 1974 thu 1975. 463 OMS, Dyess TX, 388 OMS, Korat Thailand, 62 OMS, McChord WA.  Cross-trained to become a PMEL Tech. 3415 CMS, Lowry Colo. He lives in Bartlett, Texas.


Legal Advisor:  Ernie Gassiott  Email
Ernie is a USAF pilot veteran. He served with the 778th Troop Carrier Squadron and the 50th and 345th Tactical Airlift Squadrons. Ernie was a participant in the airlift evacuation of Kham Duc. Ernie recently retired from the practice of law. He resides in Livingston, Texas.

Webmaster:  Ed Merck  Email
Ed was an instructor navigator and flight examiner in C-119s and C-130s in the 782nd and 40th TCS at Evreux, France, RC-130s in the 556th Recon Sq at Yokota and Cam Ranh Bay and C-130s in the 16th TATSq at Little Rock.  He also served in staff positions at HqComd USAF, Hq TAC, 13th AF and 314th CSG.  He lives in Jacksonville AR.

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