2012 Convention

Our 2012 Convention in Warner Robins, Georgia has come and gone! Everyone who participated had a wonderful time as we renewed our acquaintances with old friends and made new ones. We had 43 participants plus a number of spouses and other guests, for a total of approximately 60 in attendance. In addition to aircrew, participants included a number of maintenance veterans, one Public Information Officer, an operations clerk and aerial port. 

Those who came.

1. George Dockery 
2. Jim Elmer 
3. Mike Welch 
4. Ralph Bemis 
5. Sam McGowan 

6. Tom Stalvey 
7. Jim Esbeck   
8. Jim Tomlinson 
9. Stony Burk  
10. Andy Vaquera 
11, Tom Wark 
12. Bob Dambach (Registered but did not show up)
13. Don Hessenflow 
14. Walter Dudow 
15. Roger Greuel 
16. Steve Privette 
17. Dean Robnett 
18. Hector Leyva 
19. Charlie Armistead 
20. Muff Millen (Joined the group at Marietta, was not present in Warner Robins)
21. Bobby Gassiott 
22. Tom Young 
23. Don Short 
24. Bill Collier 
25. Ray Snedegar 
26. Bob Patterson 
27. Don Daly ** (WW II pilot with I Troop Carrier Command) Registered but did not show
28. Dennis (D.K.) Moody 
29. Ken Coleman 
30. Richard Camburn 
31. Robert Nyvseen 
32. Jimmy Trampota 
33. Craig Clifton 
34. Freddie Rodriquez 
35. Larry Geller 
36. Larry Chandler
37. Herbert "Bert" Stewart  (Unable to attend due to death in family)
38. Bill Kehler 
39. Bob Kirkpatrick 
40. Carl Peneranda 
41. Howard Worthy 
42. Bob Pitts
43. Bob Baker

In addition, we had several spouses and other guests present

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