Membership List

(Members in red are our Charter Members.)
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Number Status Name Address Specialty Units
001 Deceased Bobby Gassiott Bastrop, TX Nav 346th, 347th, 776th, 778th, 21st, 315th AD, 68th TAS
002 Inactive Mel Copeland Grapevine, TX FE 41st TCS/TAS, 61st TAS, 21st TAS, 16th TATS
003 Life Ace Bowman Spokane, WA Nav 6485th Ops, Hq 315th AD, 815th TCS, 314th TAW, Sawbuck II
004 10 Year Walt Baade Lakewood, WA LM 48th TCS, 309th Air Commando
005 Deceased Ron Billmyer Spring Hill, TN Nav 777th TCS
006 Deceased Bill Cannon Tacoma, WA LM 6th TCS, 22nd TCS, 374th TAW, 7th APS
007 Deceased Stan Davis Frederick, MD LM 50th TAS, 756th TAS
008 Life Craig Clifton Orangevale, CA FE 774th TCS, 29th TCS/TAS, 773rd TAS, 347th TAS, 772nd TAS
009 Inactive Bill Crabtree Redlands, CA Pilot 346th TAS, 21st TAS, 38th TAS, 16th TATS, 62nd TAS
010 Life Sam McGowan Missouri City, TX LM 779th TCS, 35th TCS, 29th TAS, 773rd TAS
011 10 Year Ernie Gassiott Livingston, TX Pilot 778th TCS, 50th TAS, 345th TAS
012 Deceased Donald Nisbett Clarkston, MI R/O, Pilot 91st TCS, 439th TCW, 47th TAS
013 Inactive Tom Talbert Rockwell, NC Ft Line Maintenance 35th TCS
014 10 Year Norm Pfeifer San Antonio, TX Pilot 313th, 463rd (29th TCS), 317th, 516th
015 Deceased Dennis Ybarra Roswell, NM Pilot 29th, 772nd, 773rd, 774th, 47th, 774th (Dyess)
016 Life Bob Steele Bakersfield, CA LM 35th TCS
017 Inactive David Emerson Clermont, FL Scanner 773rd TCS, 4447th CTS
018 10 Year Bob Davis Little Rock, AR FE 62nd TCS, 815th TCS, 41st TAS
019 Regular Dennis Halpin Englewood, FL AGE 6200th FMS, 315th AD
020 Inactive Charles Palmer Anchorage, AK FE 39th TCS
021 10 Year Morrie Cutler N. Las Vegas, NV FE 309th, 310th, 311th ACS, 435th FMS
022 Inactive Al Brashear Christiana, TN Pilot 772nd, 815th, 50th, 61st, 62nd, 347th - Air Commandos
023 Deceased Tony Girtman Runway Bay, TX FE 40th, 35th, 815th, 314th TAW
024 Regular Tom Robertson Grand Tower, IL FE 464th, 463rd, 314th,
025 Inactive  Wes Caton Wardensville, WV LM 31st MAS, 50th TAS, 3rd APS
026 Inactive Tony Kelley Houston, TX Hydraulics 463rd, 374th
027 Deceased Frank Little Del City, OK FE 29th, 62nd, 61st, 50th, 779th-1, Det 315th ACS, 1st SOS, 90th S)S
028 Deceased Bill Abbott Pipe Creek, TX FE 463rd, 464th
029 Life Billie B. Mills Daphne, Al R/O, Pilot 774th, 39th, 40th, 29th, 773rd, 13th AF, Hq TAC
030 Deceased Gomer Pyle Niceville, FL LM 29th TCS/TAS, 61st TAS
031 10 Year Jimmy Trampota Victoria, TX Prop Mech 483rd FMS, 315th AD, 47th TAS, 556th RS, 347th FMS
032 Life Jim Esbeck Tucson, AZ Flt Line Maintenance 463rd OMS, 51st OMS (35th TCS)
033 10 Year John Mayson Houston, TX LM 345th TAS, 1st APS
034 Life Rodney Crawford Madison, AL LM 62nd TAS, 29th TAS, 772nd TAS, 16th TATS, 2nd APS
035 Deceased Roy M "Stony" Burk Webster, FL LM 29th TAS, 5th APS, 4th APS
036 Life Ralph Bemis Kerrville,  TX LM 347th TCS, 29th TAS, 50th, 61st, 62nd
038 Life (WW II) Lee Yagel Surprise, AZ Operations 6th TCS, 21st, TCS, 100th ATS, 1954th AACS, 317th TCW, 374th TCW, 1503rd TCW
039 10 Year Al Clime Wasilla, AK FE 29th TAS, 774th TAS, 779th TCS, 17th TAS
040 10  Year Dick Herman Folsom, CA Nav 35th TCS
041 Deceased Edwin Jackson Ft. Collins, CO Prop Mech 464th FMS
042 Life Gary Robinson Austin, TX Radar Mech 374th OMS, 314th OMS, 374th TAW, 610 MASS, 316th TAS, 316th FMS
043 Life Max Friedauer Mary Esther, FL Nav 345th TCS, 38th TAS, 50th TAS, 776th TAS, 314th TAW, 450th TAS
044 Deceased Dean Robnett Nordland, WA Pilot 776th TCS, 347th TAS, 705th TAS, 704th TAS, 815th WRS
045 10-Year Ken Coleman Mt. Pleasant, NC FE 35th TCS, 350th CRS
046 Life John Limbach Billings, MT LM 756th TCS, 19th ACS, USAF TALC, USAF TAWFC
047 10 Year Reed Hoisington Maggie Valley, NC Nav 39th TCS, 322nd AD, 16th SOS, 41st TAS
048 Life Don Strobaugh Mesa, AZ CCT Seven different aerial port squadrons
049 Regular Mike Oakey Jacksonsville, FL Pilot 21st TAS, 704th TAS
050 Life Bert Stewart Delray Beach, FL Nav 756th TCS, 756th TAS, 756th MAS
051 Inactive Leroy "Doc" Holloway Winter Springs, Fl FE 62nd TCS, 18th TCS, 35th TCS, 56th ARRS, 55th ARRS
052 10 Year Frank Gawell Lebanon, OH Nav 774th TCS
053 Life Dan Chandler Winfield, WV LM 36th, 37th, 774th, 130th SOS, 130th AS, 130th AL, Hq WV ANG
054 Life William Goodall Tucson, AZ Electrical 374th FMS, 21st TAS E Flight
055 10 Year Chick Anderson Boise, ID FE 29th, 773rd, 772nd, 774th, 346th
056 Deceased Hector Leyva El Paso, TX LM 62nd TAS, 776th TAS
057 Regular Jim Sweeney Altus, OK FE 50th TCS.  41st ARRS, 772nd TAS, 773rd TAS,  48th TAS, 774th  TAS,  6594th Test Group,  36th TAS, Hq MAC
058 10 Year Bob Dawson Stevensville, MD Electrical 463rd FMS
059 Deceased Stuart Seely Leesburg, VA FE 35th TCS, 47th TAS, 61st TAS
060 Life Phil Dibb Colorado Springs, Co Pilot 36th TAS, 38th TAS, 773rd TAS
061 Life Joe Newman Ocean Park, CA Maint. Officer 463rd TCW
062 Regular Dan Teske Thousand Oaks, CA Radio Repair 62nd TCS, 37th TCS, 7th TCS
063 Regular Dick Sutton Palmetto, FL Nav 772nd TCS, 39th TCS, 316th TAW
064 10 Year Walt Dudow Round Rock, TX Flt Line Maintenance 21st TAS/TCS, 36th TAS, 37th TAS, 347th  TAW, 62nd ALW
065 Deceased Jay Gerding Tucson, AZ Nav 817th TCS, 21st TCS, 62nd TCS, 345th TCS, 35th TCS
066 10 Year Bill "Bones" Blanton Apex, NC Pilot 334th TCS, 36th, 37th, 61st, 62nd, 47th, 321st, 315th AD
067 Deceased Ken Abbott Beaumont, TX LM 346th TAS, 21st TAS, 61st, 62nd TAS, 16th TATS
068 Regular Jim Ostrem Lanesboro, MN Pilot 347th TCS, 779th TCS (Stan/Eval)
069 Deceased Bill Wingrove Tampa, FL FE 776th, 777th, 778th, 779th
070 Life Bruce Parr Carthage, TN Electrician 463rd FMS, 463rd OMS, 62nd TAS
071 Deceased Bob Ruffin Sherwood, AR Pilot 773rd TCS, 463rd TCW, 314th TAW
072 10 Year Rudy Bompensa Clayton, NJ Prop Mech 483rd TCW, 815th TCS
073 Regular Ed Evers Ridge Manor, FL Engineer 35th TCS
074 Life Ken Jaroz Wichita Falls, TX Pilot 516th TCW
075 Life (WW II) Abe Snell Clemson, SC Pilot 29th TCS, 313th TCG (WW II)
076 Life Tom Wark Grand Island, FL LM 778th TCS, 4th Air Police Sqn.
077 Reg. Assoc. Cindy Long Boone, NC Dependent Daughter of Major Warren L. "Huey" Long
078 Regular Roger Greuel Brooks, GA LM 777th TCS,
079 Deceased Sid McSwain San Diego, CA Pilot 774th TCS, 4442nd CCTS, 834th AD, Hq. MAC (TAC Liaison)
080 Inactive Jim Sternhagen Hewitt, TX Engineer 39th TCS
081 10 Year Don Short Orlando, FL LM 35th TCS, 62nd, 39th, 310th, 311th TAS
082 Regular Dick Guessford Destin, FL FE 41st TCS, 41st TAS
083 Life William Holman Redlands, CA Pilot 456th TCW, 463rd TCW, 437th MAW, 60th MAW, 61st MAS
084 Regular Steve Privette Dickinson, TX Flt Line Maintenance 41st TAS
085 Life Andy Vaquera San Antonio, TX LM 433rd TAW
086 Regular Carl Wyrick Big Spring, TX Pilot 377th TCS, 10th TCS, 346th TCS Mule Train, 776th TCS, 315th AD, 47th TCS, 176th TAG
087 10 Year Michael Vaquera San Antonio, TX Maintenance 433rd TAW
088 Life Alfred Rodriquez Sugar Land, TX Aerial Port 433rd  TAW
089 Inactive James Shaugnessy Liecster, NY Loadmaster 328th TAS
090 10 Year Robert Dambach Dickinson, TX Loadmaster 463rd, 464th Det 1, 314th
091 10 Year Ed Motyka Grant, FL Nav/Pilot 776th TCS, 345th TCS, 39th TCS, 464th RTU
092 Inactive Al Campos San Antonio, TX Loadmaster 433rd TAW
093 Regular David Herd Abilene, TX Engineer 772nd TCS
094 Inactive Albert Moreno Pipe Springs, TX Engineer 433rd TAW
095 Inactive Frank Pena Medina, TX Engineer 433rd TAW, 68th TAS
096 Deceased Chris Gray Monticello, AR Loadmaster 21st TAS. 50th TAS. 773rd TAS, 8th APS, 1st APS, 5th APS
097 Inactive Richard Castro San Antonio Aerial Port 433rd TAS
098 10 Year DK Moody Ocean Springs, MS Engineer 776 TAS, 345, TAS, 29 TAS, 773 TAS , Det 1 314 TAW,7167 SAM, Hqs USCOM
099 Regular John E. Smith Nettleton, MS Engineer 463rd TCW, 16th TATS, 15th SOS, 374th TAW, 314th TAW
100 10 Year Charlie Armistead Albuquerque, NM Loadmaster 464th TAW, 374th TAW, 314th TAW, 317th TAW
101 Inactive Ronald Janow San Antonio, TX Navigator 22nd TCS, 315th AD, 314th TAW
102 10 Year Lonnie Richardson Bradenton, KY` Loadmaster 62nd TAS
103 Inactive Charles Tourella Austin, TX Loadmaster 704th TAS, 924th TAG
104 Regular Robert Riojas Austin, TX Aerial Port 433rd TAW, 924th TAG
105 Honorary John Deslauriers Galveston, TX Door Gunner US Army (helicopter crewmember who picked up Ralph Bemis and Charlie Armistead at An Loc)
106 Deceased Jim Elmer N. Little Rock, AR Navigator 815th TCS, 776th TAS, 32nd TAS
107 Regular
John Kinser Austin, TX ALCE Controller 834th Air Division (Bien Hoa, Binh Tuy, Chu Lai)
108 10 Year Tracy M. Sharp Spring Branch, TX Loadmaster 347th TCS, 345th TCS, 36th TCS, 36th TAS, 516th TAW
109 Deceased Tom Stalvey Marietta, GA Loadmaster Sewart, 29th TAS
110 Life Robert  Kirkpatrick Academy, TX Nav 16 TATS, 61st TAS, 62nd TAS, 345th TAS and 374th TAW
111 Life Alan Gropman Washington, DC Nav 773rd TCS, 314th TCW, 317th TCW, 463rd TCW
112 Life Donald Hessenflow Gainesville, FL PIO Pope
113 10 Year George Dockery Littleton, CO Pilot 21st TCS, 61st TCS, 817th TCS, 314th TCW, 483rd TCW
114 Deceased Michael Welch Hermosa Beach, CA Loadmaster 3rd APS, 606th ACS
115 Associate Charlie Luceno Yorktown Hghts, NY

116 Life (WW II) Theodore Whitcomb Oviedo, FL Engineeer (WW II) 1st TCW, 1st Combat Cargo
117 Regular Howard Tittemore Yulee, FL Flt. Line Maintenance 464th OMS, 779th TCS
118 Regular Robert Nysveen Catoosa, OK Flt Line Maintenance 21st TCS
119 Regular John McNamara Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Pilot 774th TCS, 316th TCW
120 10-year  Darrell Vaughn Lebanon, OH Loadmaster 313th TCW, 314th TAW, 302nd TAW, 907th TAG
121 10 Year David Rhodes Louisville, KY Pilot 19th SOS/TAS, 310th SOS/TAS, 123 TAW
122 Regular Elwyn Whitsitt Olney, TX Pilot 778th TCS, 464th TAW
123 10 Year Bob Patterson Peachtree City, GA Pilot 317th Wing, 463rd Wing, 50th TAS, 23rd AF
124 Regular Ulysses Miller San Diego, CA CCT 464th TCW,1607th APS, 7th APS, 8th APS, 63rd APS, 8th APS, 62nd APS
125 Regular Rick Short Akeley MN Flying Crew Chief 18th TCS, 39th TCS, 927th TAG, 155th ARG
126 Regular Al Hoeft Rochester, MN Loadmaster 62nd TCS, 774th TAS
127 Life (WW II) Don Daly Harrisonburg, VA Pilot I Troop Carrier Command
128 Regular Carl Penaranda Owens Cross Roads, AL Operations 774th TCS, 463rd TCW
129 Regular Richard Camburn New Jersey Engineer CCK
130 Life Bill Kehler N. Little Rock, AR Pilot 778th TCS/TAS, 314th TAW
131 Regular Larry Giller Manhattan, KS Pilot/Nav 772nd TCS, 463rd TCW/TAW (Ardmore, Mactan and Clark
132 10-Year Bob Staples Bonney Lake, WA Loadmaster 4th APS, 36th TAS, 17th TAS
133 10 Year Bob Pitts Williamsburg, VA Loadmaster 433rd TCW, 315th Air Division
134 Regular Bill Baker Summerville, SC Loadmaster 345th TAS
135 Regular Howard Worthy Anniston, AL Navigator 21st TCS
136 Regular Jim Tolminson Newport, MI Loadmaster 776th TCS, 35th TCS, 7th APS
137 10 Year John Kays San Diego, CA Engineer 21st TCS, 35th TAS,  348th TAS, 36th TAS, 37th TAS
138 10 Year Ray Snedegar Dayton, Ohio Loadmaster 319th TCS, 345th TAS
139 Regular Tom Young Scappose, Ore Flt Line Maintenance 464th OMS, 4442nd CCTS
140 Deceased Bill Collier Fayetteville, NC Engineer 776th, 777th, 778th, 779th, 773rd, 308th SOS
141 Regular Larry Chandler Lake City, FL Engineer 774th
142 Life (WW II) Ed  Rearick Marlton, NJ Radio/Radar Repair 57th TCS,  62nd TCS
143 Life Kenny Eith Brick, NJ Aerial Port 8th APS, 14th APS
144 Regular James Miller, PHD San Antonio Pilot 346th TAS 38th TAS
145 10  Year Hanson Scott Albuquerque, NM Pilot 314th TAW, 464rd TAW
146 Regular Jeff Capwell Alburtis, PA Avionics 374th FMS, 913th AW, 440th AW
147 Regular Lonnie Malwitz Minneapolis Loadmaster Forbes, Mactan
148 Life Don Horton Clarksville, TN Combat Control 2nd APS, 7th APS, 1st APS, 314th TCW, TALC, 8th APS, 14th APS
149 Regular Donald Brewer Grant, Alabama Loadmaster 311th TAS, 435th TAW,  603rd APS
150 Regular Nicholas Tckachuk Brownsburg, IN
5th Comm, 315th Air Division
151 10 Year Lawrence Kinch Gales Ferry, CT Navigator 18th TCS, 347th TCS, 817th TCS, 39th TAS, 16th SOS
152 Regular Mike Schmid Tucson, AZ Loadmaster 35th TCS
153 Regular Al Enos Ripon, CA Flt Line Maintenance 516th TCW, 314th TCW, 345th TCS, 776th TCS
154 Regular Paul R Jennings Abilene, TX Engineer 310th ACS
155 WW II Life Howard "Bo"Bohannon Scottsdale, AZ Pilot 3rd APS, 5th APS, 6th APS, 776th TCS, 464th TCW  Stan/Eval Chief
156 Regular Ricky Davidson Colorado Springs, Co Pilot 10th TCS,  39th TCS, 50th TCS
157 Regular John Dale Big Lake, Ak Pilot 464th TCW,  456th TCW, 419th TCW, 463rd TCW, 815th TCS345th TCS, 4445th CCTS, 50th TAS, 62nd TAS, 345th TS, 316th TAG, 34th TATV, 834th TAD, 616th MAG
158 10 Year Lloyd Cooper Vernon, TX Loadmaster 50th TAS,  1st APS, 2nd APS, 16th ATS
159 WW II Life Jim Akin Westcliffe, CO Pilot 36th TCS, 39th TCS, 745th TCS, 774th TCS (2X) 815th TCS (four Horsemen)
160 Regular Rich Klindt Weslaco, TX Loadmaster 606th SOS, 2nd MAPS, 773rd TAS, 774th TAS, 16th TAS, 62nd TAS
161 10 Year Ed Merck Jacksonville, AR Navigator 782nd TCS, 40th TCS, 16th TATS, 314th TAW, HQ TAC, HQ 13th AF
162 10 Year Russell Painter Ashland, KY Loadmaster 374th FMS, 345th TAS, 8th SOS, 7th SOS, and HQ AFSOC
163 Regular Dick Sell Scottsdale, AZ Pilot 77th TCS, 779th TCS, Det 1, 314th TCW345th TCS, 4445th CCTS, 50th TAS, 62nd TAS, 345th TS, 316th TAG, 34th TATV, 834th TAD, 616th MAG
164 Life Craig Thurgood Roy, Utah Loadmaster 776th TAS, 4th APS , 68th APS
165 Regular Irl Franklin Winwemucca, NV Pilot 331st TCS, 346th TCS, 347th TCS, 464th TCW, 834th AD
166 Deceased
Donald Spalt Kirkweeod, MO Pilot 778th TCS
167 Regular Mark  Kelleher Tucson,  AZ Flt Line Maintenance 463rd TAW
168 Deceased
James Bushey Anderson, SC Pilot 777th TCS, 778th TCS,  776th TCS, 7th SOS,  37th TAS,
USAF Airlift Center,  317th TAW,  2nd Air Division
169 10 Year Frank Hughes Indialantic, FL Pilot 464th TCW,  317th  TAW, 13th AF DCO
170 Regular Fred Horky Indian Spring, NC Pilot 464th  TCW, 834th Air Division
171 Life Paul Sheill Cabot, AR Navigator 772nd TAS, 34th TTS, 154th TATS
172 Regular Roger Wilcox Tucson, AZ Pilot 41st TAS, 374th TAW
173 Life Ronald Bissett Ward, AR Aerial Port 8th APS, 14th APS, 15h APS
174 Deceased Harry Canham Sherwood, AR Pilot 464th TCW/TAW, 779th TCS, 316th TAW
175 10 Year James Daugherty Sherwood, AR Flight Engineer 815th TCS
176 Regular Albert "Roy" Hart Jacksonville, AR Pilot 41st TAS, 62nd TAS, 36th TAS,  317th TAW, 314th TAW
177 Deceased
Carl Hudson Sherwood, AR Engineer 772nd TAS, 773rd TAS, 774th TAS, 50th TAS, 345th TAS, 4442nd CTS, 16th TATS
178 Regular Robert H "Bob" Jones Jacksonville, AR Navigator 62nd TCS, 21st TCS, 817th TCS/TAS,  62nd TAS
179 10 Year Larry Louden Hot Springs, AR Pilot 777th TAS, 39th TAS, 50th TAS, 772nd TAS, 773rd TAS, 774th TAS
180 Regular Roy Mattocks Cabot, AR Engineer 773rd TAS, 346th TAS, 348th TAS
181 Deceased William H. Ramsey N. Little Rock, AR Pilot 1st TCS
182 10 Year Ken Zellmer Sherwood, AR Pilot 29th TAS, 345th TAS, 16th TAS
183 Regular Jerry Reichenbach Jacksonville, AR Support 16th ATS
184 10 Year Hugh D. Perry Brentwood, TN Pilot 815th TCS, 776th TCS (Pope and CCK), TALC, 118th TAW
185 Life Michael  Delaney Sequatchie, TN Loadmaster 919th SOG, 164th TAG, 155th TAS, 164th MAPF, 162nd FW
186 Deceased James M. Cooper Fayetteville, NC Pilot 778th TCS, HQ 315th AD, HQ PACAF
187 Regular Martin De Venuta Martinez, CA Admin 463rd TCW
188 10-Year Paul Stenback Cheyenne, WY Pilot 347th TCS, 345th TCS, TALC, 4419 Test Sq., 314th TCW, 16th SOS, 772nd TAS, 463rd TAW
189 10-Year Norton Schwartz McLean, VA Pilot 776th TAS, 21st TAS, 61st TAS, 36th TAS
190 10-Year David Sweigart Meadowlakes, TX Pilot 777th TCS, 464th TCW
191 10-Year Eugene Carriker Hendersonville, NC Scanner/Engineer 18th TCS, 773rd TCS/TAS, 463rd OMS, 30th MAS
192 Life R.T. Dixon McAllen, TX Pilot 464th TCW
193 Regular Robert Peck Jacksonville, AR Pilot 779th TCS, 50th TAS, 62nd TAS, 16th TAS, 314th TAW
194 Deceased Bill Hatfield Tupelo, MS Pilot 773rd TCS, 774th TCS (Four Horsemen)
195 Regular Rudy Byrne Little Rock, AR Pilot 37th TAS, 53rd  ALS, 314th OG (48 ALS & 62nd ALS)
196 Regular Steve Eggensperger Cabot, AR Pilot 50th TAS, 154th TAS
197 10-Year Dan Penny Byron, GA Navigator 314th TAW
198 10-Year Rowayne Schatz Scott AFB, IL Pilot 21st TAS, 374th TAW, 374th OG, 50th AS, 314th AW, 19 AW
199 Regular Peter Jackson Heber Springs, AR Pilot 18th TCS, 4446th CCTS, 50th TAS, 345th TCS,  314th TAW/DOV, 16th SOS, 13th AF/DOV, 21st TAS/CC, 314th TAW/DO
200 10-Year John Tappan Frisco, TX Navigator
201 10-Year John Murphy Yorktown, VA Pilot 39th TAS, 21st AF, HQ MAC, 50th TAS, 61st TAS, 317th OG, HQ ACC
202 Regular Stoney Faubus Gardner, NV Engineer 458th TAS
203 Deceased Olaf  Kahn Cincinnati, OH Pilot 346th TCS, 777th TCS,  464th TCW, 317th TAW
204 Deceased Gordon Hartley Jacksonville, AR Engineer 347th TCS, 773rd TCS, 48th TAS, 56th ARRS, 16th ATS
205 Regular Lowell Jones Potomac Falls, VA Pilot 779th TCS, 776th TCS, 37th TAS, HQ TAC
206 Regular George Ross Marietta, GA Pilot 776th TCS, 41st MAS, 700th TAS
207 10-Year Mark "Plug" Vlahos New Braunfels, TX Navigator 61st TAS, 62nd TAS, 50th AS, 763rd EAS, 314th AW
208 Deceased William Nichols Jacksonville, AR Pilot 41st TCS, 50th TCS, 4442nd CCTW, 50th TCS, 12 AF, 64th TAW, 314th TCW
209 Deceased
Allan Wade N. Little Rock, AR Pilot 41st TCS, TAC AirWarfare Center, 314th TCW, Okinawa, 37th TAS
210 10-Year Jim Henderson Lahaina, HI Pilot 776th TAS, 21st TAS, 16th TTS, 313th TAG
211 Regular Bill  Edel Chino Valley, AZ Navigator 332nd , 346th TCS
463 10-Year John Butterfield Gettysburg, PA Pilot 41st TCS/TAS, 39th TAS, 21st TAS, 374th TAW, 32nd TAS, 61st TAS, 463rd TAW

10-Year Carl McPherson Niceville, FL Pilot 776th TCS, 348th TAS, 39th TAS, 772nd TAS, 463rd TAW
214 10-Year Rick Ivars N. Little Rock, AR Loadmaster 1st APS, 21st TAS, 2nd MAPS, 50th TAS
215 Regular Ken Keplinger Sherwood, AR Loadmaster 21st TAS, 774th TAS, 773rd TAS, 62nd TAS
216 Regular Kirk Lear O'Fallon, IL Navigator 40th TAS, 61st TAS, 36th TAS, 62nd TAS, 34th CATS, 2nd CATS, 517th
217 Deceased Gary George Jacksonville, AR Flight Engineer 776th TCS, 776th TAS
218 Regular Roy Spencer Alexandria, VA` Pilot 21st TAS, Belle Chase, Ellington (704TH and 705th), Bergstrom, Kelly, Peterson, O'Hare, Portland
219 Regular Ray Reaves Oklahoma City, OK Pilot 17th TAS, 345th TAS
220 Regular Mark Naumann Lakeville, MN Navigator 17th TAS, 21st TAS, 37th TAS, 327th AS, 96th AS, 50th AS
221 10-Year Harlan G.  Johnson Peoria, AZ Flight Engineer 314th FMS, 75th MAS, 50th TAS, 29th MAS
222 Regular Brian Robinson Scott  AFB, IL Pilot 36th AS, 345th AS, 21st AS, 19th AW
223 Deceased Phil Reide Merritt Island, FL Pilot 39th TCS, 773rd TCS, 463rd TCW, 47th TAS, 345th TAS, 314th TCW, 616 MAG, 314th TAW
224 Deceased John Heffernan N. Little Rock, AR Retired Army Civilian Employee, 314th AW, 19th AW
225 Deceased
Joan Zumwalt Jacksonville, AR Dependent Dependent of deceased USAF Col McLyle Zumwalt,  base commander at LRAFB
226 Life Mark Czelusta Cascade, CO Pilot 2nd AS, 43rd AW, 463rd OSS/CC, 36th AS, 374th OSS, 314th AW, 777th EAS/CC, 386th EDG/CC
227 Regular Ken Schamens Ocala, FL Pilot 63rd TCW, 315th AD, 7th AF, USAF HQ , MAC HQ,
228 Regular Richard Roberts Prescott, AZ Pilot 193rd SOG, 303th TAS, 162nd TFG
229 10-Year Michael Discher Tucson, AZ Flight Engineer 36th TAS, 162nd TFG, 181th TAS
230 Regular Ed Hubrich PA Flight Line Maintenance 778th TAS, 817th TAS
231 LIFE Mike Minihan Honolulu, HI Pilot 61st TAS, 52nd AS, 37th AS, 40th AS, 19th AW
232 Regular John Carpenter Mobile, AL Loadmaster 314th TCW, 776th TCS, 50th TAS, 21st TAS
233 Regular George Shephard Tucson, AZ Flight Engineer 114th CAMS, 1st Air Commando Wing
234 Regular Jim Hunt Cumming, GA Pilot 777th TCS
235 10-Year Scott Brewer Washington, DC Pilot 2nd AS, 8th SOS, 386 EOG, 314th TAW
236 Deceased Richard E. Rozier East Jordan, MI Pilot 41st TAS, 62nd TAS, ALCC Scott, ALCC Mac
237 10-Year Gail Fox East  jordan, MI Protocol Officer 314th  TAW
238` Regular Mark Kirsch Green Valley, AZ Flight Engineer 37th TAS, 36th TAS, 16th TATS, 62nd TAS,  345th TAS, 446th MAW, 187th TAS
239 10-Year Larry Gill Abilene, TX Nav/Pilot 778th TCS,TAS, 35th TAS,  535th  TAS,  772nd TAS
240 Regular Tom Glockzin Spring Lake, NC Nav 19th AW
241 10-Year William R. Robertson Lorton, VA Pilot 606th SOS, 62nd TAS, 16th TAS
242 Regular Gene Ronsick Overland Park, KS Pilot 777th TAS, 39th TAS, 50th TAS, 772nd TAS, 773rd TAS
243 10-Year Jim DeAngelo Cabot, AR Navigator 776th TAS, 21st TAS, 62nd TAS, 374th TAW, 314th TAW
244 10-Year Sherman "Yogi" Bear Wasilla, AK Pilot 345th TCS, 4445th CCTS, 50th TAS, 62nd TAS, 345th TS, 316th TAG, 34th TATV, 834th TAD, 616th MAG
245 Regular Mike Gardner Tucson, AZ Loadmaster 817th TCS
246 WW II Life Thomas Dickey Dover, DE Pilot 11th TCS, 60th TCG
247 10-Year Michael Zick Restricted
Pilot 61st TAS, 61st AS, 52nd AS, 37th AS, 53rd AS, 40th AS, 86th AW, 314th AW, 317th AG, 19th AW
248 Deceased John W. Grainger Shalimer, FL Nav
249 Deceased Lynn D. Olson St. Charles, IL Flight Line Maint. 374th OMS, 463rd OMS
250 10-Year Harold "Cecil" Reed Ft. Collins, CO Pilot 41st TAS, 153rd AW
251 10-Year Dave Fountain O'Fallon, IL Pilot 109 AW, 172 AW, Utah ANG
252 Deceased Kent Goldsmith Conway, AR Pilot 61st TCS, 40th TCS, 315th AD, 310th ACS
253 Regular Robert E. Hodgson Zanesville, OH Loadmaster 62nd TAS, 776th TAS
254 Deceased Jack Brankamp Huber Heights, OH PAX Service 62nd APS, 8th APS  (Bien Hoa)
255 10-Year Ken McAlear Lake Lure, NC Pilot 345th TAS, 16th TATS, 50th TAS, 61st TAS, 463rd TAW
256 Regular Darold Underwood Riverside, CA Loadmaster 1st APS, 5th APS, 7th APS
257 LIFE Miles "Mike" Rohrlick Carlsbad, CA Pilot 815th TCS, 773rd TAS, 21st TAS, HQ TAC, 834th AD
258 10-Year Gary Angerman Gig Harbor, WA Pilot 29th TAS, 773rd TAS, 772nd TAS, 36th TAS (Attached)
259 Regular Ford Daab Gainesville, VA Pilot 778th TCS, 776th TAS,  21st TAS
260 Regular (Honorary) Bob Frank Leavenworth, KS Pilot 82nd  Abn, 101st Abn, F Troop, 9th Cavalry (Rescued crew of C-130E 63-7775 at An Loc)
261 Honorary Bruce Shearer Glendale, AZ Door Gunner F Troop, 9th Cavalry (Rescued crew of C-130E 63-7775 at An Loc)
262 Life Sonny Cook Hyattsville, MD Flight Line Maintenance 21st TAS
263 Deceased George Theis Roanoke, TX Glider Pilot,
98th TCS, 440th TCG
264 Deceased Ray  L. Merritt Newport News, VA Pilot 309th ACS 310th ACS
265 10-Year Jim Silvi Jacksonville, AR First Sergeant 61st AS, 62nd AS
266 10-Year (Associate) Larry Bernacki Tyler, TX
Patron (Former CEO of Arkansas FCU)
267 Regular Cynde Maddox Jacksonville, AR Community Relations 19th AW, 314th AW
268 10-Year John "Mickey" Spillane Cabot, AR Loadmaster 41st AS, 50th AS, 23rd AS, 8th SOS, 550th SOS, 23rd MAS
269 10-Year Dan Gregory Decatur, AL Pilot 314th TAW, School House
270 Life James H. Burks Kaysville, UT Flight Engineer 601st Tactical Air Support Squadron, 6514th Test Squadron, 8th MAS
271 10-Year Anthony Marchowsky Pottsville, PA Loadmaster 779th TAS, 464th TAW, 41st TAS, 317th TAW, 345th TAS, 374th TAW, 374th Det 1
272 Regular Butch Miller Mars, PA Pilot 61st TAS, 774th TAS
273 Regular Richard Green Hot Springs, AR Engineer 189th AL
274 Regular (Associate) Dana K. Duggar Jacksonville, AR Director Jacksonville Museum of Military History
275 Regular Ben Kraljev Port Orange, FL Pilot 75th TCS, 50th TCS, 36th TCS, 316th TCG, 483rd TCW, 403rd TCW, 346th TCS (Mule Train), 777th TCS, 778th TCS, 776th TCS, 839th AR, 317th TAW, USAF ALCenter
276 10-Year John Howder Vero Beach, FL Pilot 777th TAS, 779th TAS, 50th TAS, 16th ATS
277 Regular James Ratliff Conyers, GA Pilot 62nd TAS, 50th TAS
278 Life Chris Cantu Round Rock, TX Navigator 36 AS, 53 AS, 50 AS, 314 OG 19 OG
279 WW II Life John Lipstate Montgomery, TX Pilot 1st TCC, 813rd Base Unit, Sedalia AAF, Mo
280 10-Year Benny Kerlin San Antonio, TX Loadmaster 38th TAS, 345th TAS, 776th TAS, 21st TAS, 772nd TAS
281 Life Tom Smith Millersville, MD Loadmaster 773rd TAS, 328th TAS, 711th TAS, 756th TAS
282 10-Year Bill Dodson N. Little Rock, AR Navigator 62nd TCS, 345th TCS, 35th TCS, 815th TAS, 61st TAS, 50th TAS
283 Honorary Bob Monette Madison, AL Army
284 Life Doug Rasar San Antonio, TX Loadmaster 29th TAS, 47th TAS, 48th TAS, 817th TAS, 62nd TAS, 37th TAS, 435th TAW, 50th TAS
285 10-Year Jim Lis Cypress, TX Loadmaster 348th TAS, 773rd TAS 
286 Regular Douglas Gillert Ventura, CA PIO Public Affairs (Airman Magazine)
287 Life Al  Capone Lancaster, CA Loadmaster 772nd, 773rd, 774th, 21st, 815th, 7th APS, 3rd APS
288 Deceased Garry Arndt Huber Heights, OH Loadmaster 8th TCS, 7th APS
289 Deceased John H. Wehe Jacksonville, AR Navigator 345th TCS
290 10-Year Ed Ladd Union City, TN Pilot 776th TCS, 777th TCS, 346th TCS, 61st TAS, 62nd TAS, 314th RTU, 7th ACS, 314th TAW
291 WW II Life Bob Warren Frisco,  TX Pilot 94th TCS, 439th TCG
292 Regular Gary Wynn Beebe, AR Loadmaster 41st TAS, 32nd TAS, 50th TAS, 61st TAS, 62nd TAS
Jim Dryjanski Jacksonville, AR Pilot 50th AS, 86 OG, 314th AW
294 Regular Charlie Heifner Ft. Walton Beach FL Pilot 21st TCS, 50th TCS, 4447th CCTS, 834th AD, 17th TAS, 314th FMS, HQ MAC, 314th AW
295 Regular Raymond Basseti Quinton, VA Flt. Ln Maintenance 776th TCS, 778th TAS
296 Regular Jon O'Donnell Decatur, GA Pilot 29th TAS, 773rd TAS, 16th TATS, 776th TAS, 62nd TAS, 6th APS, 34th TATG
297 Regular Douglas Williams Fayetteville, GA Flight Engineer 16th SOS, 834th AGS, 7th SOS, 34th TAS,  162nd TFG, 700th AS
298 Regular James Wangelin Spring Lake, NC Loadmaster 328th TAS, 758th TAS
299 Regular Andrew McIntyre Marietta, GA Pilot 61st TAS, 36th TAS, 374th OG, 19th OG
300 Regular John Moore Marengo, IA Loadmaster 21st TAS
301 Regular Ed Perkowski Wyoming, DE Loadmaster 7th APS, 37th TAS, 53rd TAS
302 10-Year Maurice Gagnon Jacksonville, AR Loadmaster 35th TAS, 317th TCW, 61st TAS, 62nd TAS
361 10-Year Ed Petlak Sherwood, AR Pilot 772nd TAS, 16 TAS, 32nd TAS, 50th TAS, 61st TAS
303 Regular Kenneth Vaughan Cole Camp, MO Loadmaster/Gunner 516th TCW 50th ALS, 6593 Test Squadron, 4th ACS
304 Regular W.A. Wussick Jacksonville, AR Maintenance 41st TAS, 314th TAW, 19th AW, 463rd TAW
305 Regular James Wuehler Montgomery, AL Navigator 464th TCW, 7th SOS
306 Deceased
John Sims N. Little Rock, AR Pilot 41st TCS, 317th TW, 41st TAS, 314th TAW, 435th TAW
307 Regular Richard Whittington N. Little Rock Navigator 17th TCS, 346th TCS, 345th TCS
308 10-Year Scott Little Puyallap, WA Loadmaster 37th TAS, 62nd TAS, 34th TTS
309 Regular David Kasberg Indianapolis, IN Pilot 773rd TAS, 37th TAS/ALS/AS, 48th AS, 1906
310 Life Brian Daigle Sherwood, AR Loadmaster 2nd MAPS, 50th TAS, 374th CMB, 50th AS, 62nd AS
311 Life P.J. Daigle Sherwood, AR Operations Resources 314th AW, 314th CSG, 62nd TAS, 189th AW
312 Life Joshua Daigle Sherwood, AR Loadmaster 41st AS
313 Regular Robert Ator Little Rock, AR Pilot 61st AS, 62nd AS, 154th TRS, 189 AW
314 Regular Al Peck N. Little Rock, AR Pilot 314th TAW, 374th TAW, 50th TAS, 61st TAS, 16th TATS, 16th TAIS (425 SQ, RCAF)
315 Regular Brushunda Brittain Jacksonville, AR IFCS Specialst 314th AMES
316 Regular Daniel Dotson N. Little Rock, AR Guidance and Controls
317 Regular Ethan Foy LRAFB, AR Admin 314th AMXS
318 Regular Erick Hannigan LRAFB, AR Loadmaster

320 10 Year Brian Labounty San Antonio, TX Sensor Operator 37th AS,  314th AW
321 Regular Aaron Showalter Cabot, AR Loadmaster 2nd MAAPs, 61st AS, 50th AS, 62nd AS, 34th CADS, 37th AS, 314th SS
322 Regular Jeffery Standford Cabot, AR Maintenance 314th AMXS
323 Regular Roy Walton Avon, CT Loadmaster 103rd AW
324 Regular Maxwell Webster Jacksonville, AR Maintenance 314th AMXS
325 Deceased Carl Van Winkle Searcy, AR Loadmaster Det 6 6th APS/21st TAS, 2nd APS/32nd TAS/50th TAS, 616th Combat Mobility Wing/17th TAS 2nd MAPS/61st TAS
326 Regular Jeff Wann Conway, AR Loadmaster 39th ALS, 62nd ALS, 61st ALS, 314th OE, 19th AW
327 Regular Willie Lloyd Jr Sherwood, AR Pilot
328 Regular Chandler Thorpe Little Rock, AR Pilot 61st ALS
329 Regular Ian Kemp Jacksonville, AR Pilot 61st AS
330 10 Year Tony Mras Vacaville, CA Pilor 21st TAS, 50th TAS, 314th TAW, 374th TAW
331 Regular Bruce Fister Niceville, FL Pilot 32nd TAS, 50th TAS, 310th ACS, 314th TAW
332 10 Year Donald J. Mrosla Fairfield, CA Pilot 779th TAS, 50th TAS, 21st TAS
333 10 Year Arne Suvatne Vacaville, CA Loadmaster 32nd TAS, 776th TAS, 21st TAS
334 10 Year Mark Raymond Fairfield, CA Loadmaster 310th TAS, 776th TAS
335 Regular Richard Braid Fayetteville, NC Pilot 773rd TAS, 50th TAS, 34th CATS, 62nd AS, 23rd/43rd AW
336 10 Year Duane Knutson Colorado Spings Navigator 815th TCS, 4442nd CCTS, 776th TAS
337 Life David Scott Gray Shoal Creek, AL Pilot 21st TAS, 39th TAS, 31st AS, 9th AS, 463rd AG
338 Regular Bill Barry Huntsville, AL Navigator 773rd TCS, 774th TCS, 316th TAS, 316th TAW
339 Life Christopher Kelly Newport News, VA Pilot 61st TAS, 345th TAS
340 Regular Albert Anderer Phoenix, AZ
40th TCS, 917th TCS/TAS
341 10 Year O. Thomas Hansen Steilacoom, WA Pilot 29th/45th ATS, 37th TAS, 776th TAS, 36th TAS
342 Regular Seth Erlich Little Rock, AR Pilot 61st TAS
343 Regular Alfred Caress Fresno, CA Loadmaster 815th TCS
344 10 Year Jim Hilton Grove City, OH Loadmaster 39th TAS, 1st APS, 35th TAS
345 10 Year George Elwood Beavercreek, OH Pilot 345th TAS, 16th TATS, 62nd TAS, 50th TAS, 314th TAW, 834th AD
346 Regular Joseph F. Beaton Mansfield, MA Navigator 345th TAS, 346th TAS
347 WW II Life Norman Happel Elizabeth, CO Pilot SW Pacific Wg, ATC, 403rd Troop Carrier, 21st TCS, 440th TAW
348 10 Year Ora L. Conlon Flatwood, KY Flight Engineer 76 MAS, 57 MAS
349 Life Amy Dodds O'Fallon, MO Dependent Daughter of Maj Gen James "Bagger" Baginski
350 10 Year Glenn Brady Auburn, WA Pilot 37th TAS,  16th TATS, 118th Airlift Wing
351 WWII Life John Tosh San Antonio, TX Loadmaster 433th TAW
352 Life Mark A. Calcaterra Cabot, AR Loadmaster 728th MAS, 15th MAS, 4th AS, 61st AS, 62nd AS, 50th AS, 463d AG
353 10 Year Jason Brown Anchorage, AK Loadmaster 22d AS, 15th AS, 16th AS, 17th AS, 517th AS, Hvy Airlift Wg - Papa, Hungary
354 10 Year James "Jim" Dwyer Westminster, CA Navigator 21st TAS, 345th TAS, 374th TAW
355 10 Year Brent Richburg Dayton, OH Loadmaster 41st TAS, AMCTES, 3rd APS, 14 AS, 17 AS, 21 AS, 75 AS
356 10 Year David Hartford Grapevine, TX Loadmaster 15 TCS, 815 TCS, 57 MAS, 40th SOS, 53 MAS, 443 TTS
357 10 Year Lawrence A. Giles Mabanak, TX Loadmaster, Main, Jet Engine Mech 76th MAS, 57th MAS, 84th CAMRON, 325 FMS, 54th Wea Recon Sq, 3550th FMS, 37th FMS
358 Regular Edward Buyniski Cincinnati, OH Pilot 776th, 777th, 39th
359 Regular Richard C. Chatfield Tucson, AZ Pilot 50th TAS, 348th TAS
360 Regular James F. DeWolfe Poughkeepsie, AR Loadmaster 777th TAS, 7th APS, 76thTAS
361 Regular Ernest Leclair Melbourne, FL Pilot 21st TAS
362 Deceased Andrew G. Sich Whitestone, NY Loadmaster 7th APS, 40th TCS
363 10 Year Donald Steven Tarrance Pelham, AL Loadmaster 357 TAS, 357 AS, 25 APS, 908 OG, 327 AS
364 Regular Gary Peters Concord, CA Loadmaster 7th APS, 777 TAS
365 10 Year John R.Burkhardt Troy, OH Loadmaster 39th TCS, 41st TCS
366 Regular Charles W.Dahle Fairborn, OH Loadmaster Det 1, 16th APS, 1st APS, 345 TCS, 934 APF, 96 TAS
367 Life (WWII) Leon McGoogan Lewisville, AR Crew Chief, Flt. Eng., Pilot 322 TCS, 316 TCW, 36 TCS, 314 TCW, 37 TCS, 39 TAS, 463 TCW, 4442 TCW, 314 TCW, 1 SOW
368 Regular Robert Forrest Brown Rocky Mount, NC Flight Line Maintenance 35th TAS, 64th OMS, 61st TAC,
369 Regular David Schneebeck Burien, WA Pilot 39th
370 Regular Harvey W. C. Shelton Hot Springs Village, AR Pilot 347th TCS, 776 TAS, 16 TATS, 61 TAS, 314 TAG, 314 TAW, 616 MAG
371 Regular James Yarbrough Columbus, OH Air Operations Specialist 39th TCS
372 10 Year George Rigsby Goose Creek, SC Loadmaster 309th Air Commando SQ, 773d TAS
373 Regular Thomas A. Sparr St. Peters, MO Pilot 39th TCS/TAS, 16th SOS
374 Regular Gordon L. Wohlfeil Gig Harbor, WA Pilot 36th TAS, 37th TAS
375 Regular Robert Januzzi West Linn, OR Pilot 777 TAS, 39 TAS, 127 TAGp, 327 TAS
376 Regular James E. Campbell San Antonio, TX Pilot 39 TAS
377 Regular Nick B. Crowe, Jr. Crossville, TN Loadmaster 40 TCS, 15 TCS, 79 AS
378 Honorary Aryn Lockhart San Angelo, TX
C-5A Babylift Survivor
379 Regular Larry Roy Carr Portage, IN Flight Line Maintenance 347 TAS, 463 AMS
380 Regular Kathleen Disney Bulverde, TX Loadmaster 4 AS, 313 AS, 535 AS, 780 AS
381 Regular Kyle S. Disney Bulverde, TX Loadmaster 15 MAS, 4 AS, 57 AS, 7 AS, 8 AS, 58 AS, 39 AS
382 Regular Murray Stollman St, Pete Beach, FL Airborne Radio Operator, Loadmaster 816 TCS, 483 TCG, 483 TCW
383 Regular William A. "Bill" Weaver Savannah, GA Pilot 39 TCS, 773 TCS
384 Regular E. Carl Pierolo Dayton, OH Navigator, Flight Line Maintenance 39 TAS, 317 TAW, 435 TAW
385 Regular Michael Hudyma Rocky Mount, NC Navigator, Pilot 345 TCS, 777/39 TCS
386 Regular Don Guenthoer Lakewood, WA Flight Engineer 62nd TCW
387 Regular Felix Czech Audobon, PA Pilot 39 TAS, 702 MAS
388 Regular Terry Enderland Belmont, NC Pilot 777 TAS, 39 TAS, 164 TAW
389 Regular Robert J. Bien Delaware, OH Loadmaster 40 TAS, 310 TAS, 315 TAW, 4 MAS, 62 MAW, 3 MAS, 355 TAS
390 Regular Thomas Shaw Greer, SC Loadmaster 62 TCS, 773 TCS
391 10 Year Ronald Hitchings Novato, CA Loadmaster 61 TAS
392 Regular Kent G. Rothrock Sugar Groive, IL

393 Regular Curtis A. Greca Fairborn, OH Loadmaster 57 MAS, 53 MAS
394 10 Year Steve Elsasser Tucson, AZ Pilot 458 TAS, 772 TAS
395 Regular Dennis J. Makuta Canton, GA Pilot 19th SOS, 777th, 39th
396 Regular Fernando (Fred) Arenas Arlington Hts., IL Flight Engineer 39th TCS, 64th TCS
397 Regular Asa M. Stackhouse Moorestown, NJ Pilot 39th  TAS
398 10 Year John Perritt Fleming Island, FL Pilot 21 TAS, 36 TAS
399 Regular Don Powell Brighton, MI Loadmaster 7 APS, 779 TAS, 29 MAPS, 63 TAS
400 Regular Ron Pierce Roy, WA Loadmaster MAS, 16 AS, 14 AS, 7 AS, 4 AS
401 Regular Mike Maroney Fairborn, OH Pilot 62 MAW, 438 MAW, 62 TC,MAW
402 Life Brian Chewning Martinsburg, WV Loadmaster 80 MAS, 20 AS, 17 AS, 15 AS, 7 AS, 4 AS, 57 WPS, 15 OG/535 AS
403 Regular Thomas W. Sullivan Batesville, TN Pilot 346 TAS, 345 TAS, 36 TAS, 22 AF, Hq MAC, 374 TAW, 353 Prov Wg
404 10 Year Alex Walter Fredericksburg, VA Loadmaster 4 AS, 8 AS, 6 AS, 7 SOS
405 10 Year Robert "Bob" C. Trott Boerne, TX Pilot 50 TAS
406 Regular Associate Jeffey E. Phillips Leesburg, VA Army Father was in 61st TCG
407 10 Year Craig S. Johnson Tehachapi, CA Loadmaster 14 MAC, 345 TAS, 374 TAW, 772 TAS, 463 TAW, 65121 Test Sq., AFFTC, C-17 CTF
408 Regular Gene R. Brinkman Wichita, KS Flt Line Maint, Flt. Engineer 815 TCS, 817 TCS, 777 TCS
409 10 Year Dave Hall Tacoma, WA Pilot 815 TCS, 328 TAS
410 Regular Harold Rood Albers, IL
8 TCS, 815 TCS/TAS
411 Regular John E. "Jack" Click Fairborn, OH Pilot 815 TCS
412 Regular Owen P. Kelly Berryville, AR Maintenance 815 TCS
413 10 Year Thomas E. (Eddie) Clark Macon, GA Flt. Line Maintenance, Crew Chief 4413 OMS, 64 OMS, 61 TAS
414 Regular Robert Gregory "Greg" Price Guthrie, OK Periodic, Phase Dock, Flt. Line Mx,, Crew Chief 4413 OMS, 64 TAW, 61 TAS
415 10 Year Harvard Holden Supply, NC Loadmaster 815 TAS
416 Regular Michael "Mike" Wright Orting, WA Loadmaster 345 TAS, 2 MAPS, 61 TAS
417 Honorary Diane Bruce Marrero, LA
 Husband Wally Bruce assigned 776th & 314th FMS.
418 10 Year Wim Wentzel Springdale, WA Loadmaster 18th MAS, 61 MAW, 53 MAS, 57 MAS
419 Honorary Taunya Lay Branson, MO
 Manager, Branson Chamber of Commerce
420 Honorary Amanda Ziepel Branson, MO
 Front Desk Manager, Lodge of the Ozarks
421 Honorary Renee Contreras Branson, MO
 Sales Manager, Lodge of the Ozarks
422 10 Year Tom Saucier Washington, MO Loadmaster 14th MAS, 443d TCHTS, 57 MAS, 4 MAS
423 10 Year Ralph Moore Alexander, AR Pilot 815 TAS, 41 TAS, 21 TAS
424 Regular David L. Padilla Buckeye, AZ Loadmaster 774 TAS
425 10 Year David A. Clark Vancouver, WA Loadmaster 779 TAS, 1 SOS
426 Regular Fred L. May Cibolo, TXS Pilot 463 TAW, 29 TAS, 772 TAS, 774 TAS
427 10 Year James T. Brosius Chagrin Falls, OH Loadmaster 29 TAS, 1 APS
428 Life John M. Wesley Mustang, OK Loadmaster 185 TAS, 38 EAS, 772 EAS, 485 EAW, 746 EAS, 332 EAS, 774 EAS, 38 AS(P)
429 Regular Carolyn A. Hodge Grapevine, TX Administration
430 10 Year John E. Shroyer Converse, TX Crew Chief, Fuel System Rep., 1st Sgt., Command Chief 433 AW
431 10 Year Philip (Hawkeye) Pierce New Carlisle, OH Pilot 30 MAS, 57 MAS, 356 AS, 89 AS
432 10 Year Franklim (Sal) Salermo San Antonio, FL Loadmaster 1 APS, 815 TCS, 347 TAS, 345 TAS, USAF Airlift Ctr, 22 AF
433 Regular Thomas Hulsey The Villages, FL Pilot 50 TAS, 16 TATS, 62 TAS, 34 TATS, 24 AS, Advanced Airlift Tactics Trng Ctr, 8 AF Stan/Eval
434 Regular Howard Berg Brownwood, TX Loadmaster 345 TCS
435 10 Year Paul Goubeaud Katy, TX Pilot 39 TCS, 41 TCS, 815 TCS, 327 TAS
436 10 Year Brian Bauries Abilene, TX Pilot 21 TAS, 773 TAS, 62 TAS, 40 AS

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