The above photo was taken by Jimmy Wade, who served with 7th APS at Naha and 8th APS in South Vietnam


The Troop Carrier/Tactical Airlift Association is a 501C(19) not-for-profit veterans organization, therefore membership must be at least 75% active and former members of the United States military services and spouses of active duty or veterans. Due to the membership makeup consisting of mostly veterans of World War II, Vietnam and Korea, the Internal Revenue Service has also granted the Association wartime veterans status, which makes the TCTAA a recognized charity. ALL contributions are thus fully deductible. Regular membership is open to veterans of the troop carrier mission of World War II, Korea and the Vietnam Era prior to July 1967 when the mission was redesignated as "tactical airlift"; veterans of the tactical airlift mission and their successors. Associate members include spouses and family members of veterans, living or deceased, and other interested parties, as long as the 90% ratio is maintained.

Membership dues are $25.00 for two years, $100.00 for 10-year memberships and $250.00 for Life. All World War II veterans are entitled to Life Membership  free of charge.

To join, please contact the TCTAA with the following information:

Name, address, phone, Email address, military speciality, units of troop carrier/tactical airlift assignment, date of service, military expeditions and campaigns and decorations along with a check for dues. You may use the application form by clicking on this link: APPLICATION FORM.    (Note - membership was recently increased to 2 years, 10 years and Life to reflect our current bi-annual convention schedules.)

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