In Memoriam

Over the years there have been many personalities who have made an impact on the troop carrier/tactical airlift world and who have now passed on. Some are remembered because of their contribution, some because they were characters and some because they were both. The purpose of the "In Memoriam" page is give special honor to those we remember and to give those who loved and respected them an opportunity to memorialize them with a financial contribution to the Troop Carrier/Tactical Airlift Association in their honor.

Col. William D. Coleman

Lt. Col. Bobby Gassiott

Col. Charles W. Howe

Major Warren L. "Huey" Long

Colonel William H. Ramsey

Lt. Col. Robert William Ruffin

TSgt. Charles L. Shaub

Major Dennis Ybarra

Gary Pate - Loadmaster killed on flare mission on May 22, 1968, honored by Tom Stalvey

Larry Todd - Loadmaster killed at A Loi on April 26, 1968, honored by Tom Stalvey

Maj. Howard Seaboldt, pilot at Clark and Pope. Passed away 2004. Honored by Sam McGowan

Maj. Marvin E. "Gene" Shoupe, pilot at Pope. Passed away May 2012. Honored by Sam McGowan - Obituary

Lt. Col. Robert D. Bartunek, pilot at Dyess and Naha. Honored by Sam McGowan - Memorial Video

MSgt Chris L. Gray, loadmaster at CCK and Dyess. Passed away June 30, 2012. Honored by Sam McGowan - Obituary.

The following lists show aircrew members who have died in C-130s, C-123s and C-7s.

C-130 Casualty List - compiled by USAF veteran Bob Daley - it includes all known losses through 2006.

C-123 SEA Losses - Courtesy of C-123s in SEA

C-7A Caribous Losses - Courtesy of C-7 Caribou Assoc.

C-130B Crew from 463rd TAW killed at A Loi during Operation Delaware (Note - while the crew was from the 29th TAS, the crew pilots had gone DNIF and two other pilots were flying with them.)

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